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The vanity area is a typical part of the bathroom that has a drawer or shelf, a mirror, and a countertop. Having a vanity area completes the bathroom package where people can scrutinize how they look before facing the world. Bathroom Vanity Installation Long Beach can turn a dull bathroom into an overly exciting, fun, and functional bathroom, all by installing the best vanity area you can ever have. Here are some bathroom vanity design ideas we have in mind that may suit your preferences:


Bathroom Vanity Installation Long Beach


Round mirror vanity areas are rare to find. Most of the time, round mirrors are used without countertops and with a smaller sink. Most of the time, the countertop is substituted by a small plank that could be wooden, metal, or glass, depending on the design of the mirror. It is usually placed under the mirror for a small space to put small items or even tiny decors. Our team primarily receives requests from flats and apartment units of people who live alone or for homes with personal bathrooms inside the bedroom. This vanity area gives a unique feeling of privacy and inspires the homeowner to be creative.


A half mirror vanity area comprises a half mirror, a sink, and a countertop with a mini-drawer. This type of vanity area is most commonly seen in small to medium-sized bathrooms. It prioritizes convenience and maximum use of minimal space to accommodate the homeowner’s needs without sacrificing the aesthetics of the area. This design idea is trendy among homeowners on a tight budget but still wants the best out of their bathroom. Bathroom Vanity Installation Long Beach can make this happen for you!


A full set vanity area is a separate space in the bathroom. It is usually seen in huge bathrooms and most commonly looks like a cut area from the bathroom layout. The full set vanity area will include a sink and countertop combination and a full vanity mirror. Some designs allow full-body mirrors installed on the wall to better look at oneself in the mirror. Lighting would also be tweaked according to the purpose and function of the vanity area. The countertop will have sufficient space for vanity kits and items needed in the vanity area. This design idea may be a bit pricey, but it is worth the price you will pay. Homeowner satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


After deciding on your bathroom vanity design, our team of experts will not waste any time to start on your bathroom vanity installation. Everything in the plan will be followed, including the materials that are to be used for the installation. If there are existing things in the bathroom that would remain for the newly installed bathroom vanity area, it would be checked for repairs in case there are damages and if they match with the new things to be installed in the main bathroom system. After everything is done, the homeowner can enjoy the new face of their bathroom, complete with a vanity area.


Bathroom Vanity Installation Long Beach has done a lot of installations for many households in Long Beach, CA. If you want to know more about bathroom vanity areas and how to avail of our services, do not hesitate to call us. We will be glad to install your vanity area for you.

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