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The deck is where people usually gather during occasions that happen at home. It endures heavy foot traffic and the ravages of weather. As trustworthy as the wood material used may be, it is still prone to weather away. It is important to take the proper measures to protect your deck from these natural phenomena. Painting your deck is one way but it would be more suitable to have it stained. Apart from protecting it, it would also look better and more beautiful. Have your deck professionally stained by Deck Staining Long Beach. With their years of experience in the field, you will surely have the best results.


Deck Staining Long Beach


There are different types of stains available for your deck. Deck Staining Long Beach will guide you in choosing the most appropriate stain to use for your deck. There are light stains that will bring out the beauty of the wood and will complement its natural color. There are also semi-clear and lightly pigmented stains that help show off the wood’s color more. Lastly, there are solid stains that almost cover wood grain and have the toughest finishes. Our team knows well which ones will be helpful and the best choice for your deck.


Before the staining commences, our team will make sure that your deck is dry and clean. We also check the condition of the wood planks on the deck. If the wood is even slightly damaged, it would have to be replaced. The slightest damage, dirt, or crack in the wood may cause future damages on the deck no matter what stain you use. After the checking, the team would start replacing damaged wood planks and finishing up with the cleaning process.

The staining would then take place after the drying and cleaning since it is a race against dust that might land on the surface during staining. Deck Staining Long Beach also makes sure that the weather conditions are optimal during the staining process. The staining will definitely not push through if the weather is bad and the chance of rain is high. If the weather is good and it is sunny, the temperature would be checked to make sure that the stain would not be exposed to an extremely hot temperature.

Our team makes sure that during the staining, the other areas of your property are protected and will not be stained. This also means that we might ask you not to step outside as we stain your deck to make sure that the staining would be uninterrupted and smooth.

Some refinishing procedures are also needed to be done depending on the condition of the deck. Some refinishing happens two to three years after the first staining. Through this, it is very easy to see that staining your deck has definitely helped in prolonging its life span. If your deck needs a retouch, our team can also help out. And just like the first staining process, Deck Staining Long Beach would make sure to clean the deck up and do the stain retouch carefully and meticulously.


It is challenging for every homeowner to keep our homes beautiful and in pristine conditions. In case you need a helping hand in making this possible, do not hesitate to give us a call. You can ask us about the services we offer and the work we do. Have Deck Staining Long Beach do the job for you.